The problem decides

I don’t decide how you will get the most value from our work together. Nor do you. The problem decides.

The milestone you need to reach – now.

The relationship between your life plans and your business.

The barriers and the sticking points.

The opportunities in front of you.

Different issues and circumstances lend themselves to one of two different approaches. The process of agreeing which approach will get the best results for you and your business begins with a conversation between us.


My advisory practice provides swift, targeted support to businesses from a wide range of sectors.

Often, I advise on unlocking fast, sustainable growth.

In practice this means helping you build agreement around growth objectives, sharpening product and service propositions, honing sales and marketing strategies, and learning to win more pitches.

Investment is a precursor to growth, and I have a consistent record of helping businesses attract funding.


I mentor leaders facing issues that I have experienced in my own career, usually in sectors I know well. Typically we spend at least half a day a month together.

Mentoring covers wide and varied ground. Human, financial or strategic crises rear up. We work and learn through them. Both mentor and mentee are held accountable by thorough planning, pinpoint roadmapping and defined outcomes.

Mentoring is a professional discipline and an excellent tool to help you build a business that makes more money, the right way.