My business feels stuck. It’s frustrating and worrying.

Watching a gulf open up between your business’s potential and its performance is alarming.

I will work with you to identify where your business is falling short. And then create the conditions for lasting progress – fast.

The blockages in your business are not unique. I have seen them elsewhere, and I know how to dissolve them.


My advisory practice will help you to plan and enact fast, effective interventions. That unlock sustainable growth, with immediate effect.

In practice this means helping you sharpen product and service propositions, hone sales and marketing strategies. And win more pitches.

Investor confidence is often a precursor to restoring growth. I will work with you on strategies to build or repair it.


I mentor leaders facing business performance issues that I have experienced in my own career, usually in sectors I know well. Typically we spend at least half a day a month together.

Mentoring covers wide and varied ground. You might be dealing with human, financial or strategic problems. Or a soup of all three. Both mentor and mentee are held accountable by thorough planning, pinpoint roadmapping and defined outcomes.

Mentoring is a professional discipline and an excellent tool to help you dismantle barriers to growth and change.