Growing at speed is testing my limits. And the limits of my business.

When life and work become frantic, cracks can emerge that risk the nature of your business, the relationships within it – even your wellbeing.

I will work with you, advising on the structure your business needs. And ways of working that will help you regain control.

So you can consolidate and grow in a way that protects you, your people and the future of your business.


My advisory practice will help you build the solid frameworks and processes you and your business need to survive intense growth. And come through it bigger and stronger.

In practice this means helping you build the strategies, structures and ways of working your business needs to withstand the pressures of high-velocity change.

Investment is a precursor to growth, and I have a consistent record of helping businesses attract funding.


I’ve experienced the fear of losing control in a fast-growing business. I mentor leaders in leaders facing similar struggles in sectors I know well.

Typically we spend at least half a day a month together. Covering the tricky, shifting terrain created by growth. You might be dealing with human, financial or strategic problems. Or a soup of all three. We work and learn through them. Fast.

Both mentor and mentee (me and you) are held accountable by thorough planning, pinpoint roadmapping and defined outcomes.

Mentoring is a professional discipline and an excellent tool to help you build a business that grows in a manageable way for sustained time.