His years of experience allow for a highly credible, disciplined and empathic approach, with the right balance of push and encouragement. He is a thoughtful and pragmatic counsel. The time we spend together is highly valuable.

Vivienne Hsu
International Managing Director

I thought it was normal for things to move so fast. I’ve since found out that this is not ‘normal’… incomparable.

Richard Fogg

Extraordinary… insightful and supportive. Phil provided our leadership with challenge at the points where we needed it the most.

Ed Fidoe
Founder, School 21
CEO, 21 Trust

Phil is odd. I’ve never seen anyone combine such a laser-like business focus with seemingly inexhaustible energy. He dissects complex client challenges and agency politics with the speed and dexterity of a surgeon. There is no skirting the tough conversations and the whole thing is delivered with such positivity and good grace that you’re left feeling mentally lighter and emboldened to get out there.

Steve Byrne
Founder & Director

Brilliant, astute, knowledgeable and witty, Phil grasped our business challenge with incredible speed and translated it into a strategic review which led us to rethink how we do business.

Sarah Mason

Provocative, professional, insightful… tremendous value.

Adele McLay
Managing Director
Small Business Big Success

Phil’s strength is his ability to inspire you to take action that benefits both you and your business. He gets to the root of issues and identifies workable plans of action. Incredible expertise and experience.

Alex Moscow
Managing Director
9mm PR

Phil has added significant value in strengthening our offer and sales strategy. The result? Stronger proposals, a large client win, and improved delivery efficiencies. If that isn’t enough, the working style of each meeting allows for the right conversations to happen.

Rob Bloxham & Jodie Price
CEO & Managing Director

Phil is a trailblazer… He is very smart. Smart enough to realise that embracing new methods drives efficacy, value and actionable outcomes for clients. We have enjoyed working with him.

Dr Simon Moore
Innovation Bubble

Real smarts, and the external perspective we needed. We are now securing industry standards of margin. The changes are already embedded into our culture, with agency-wide support.

Neil Crump
Aurora Healthcare

Phil has an ability to cut through the complexity of a situation and get to the nub of an issue. His clarity and insight, combined with powerful tools for reflection, make for a potent self-development experience. Phil’s engaging and warm approach makes it easy to open up and take a candid view of oneself, enabling deep learning.

Liz Robinson
Big Education

We engaged with Phil when we were at a crossroads with our business. After our first session, we knew that we were embarking on a journey that would take us to the point where we were running our business, as opposed to the business running our lives. We have achieved so much.

Emma and Jules Shale
Operations Director & Managing Director
90 Degrees

Phil has a real skill for stimulating fresh thinking and challenging your assumptions. He has a wealth of experience, and a rich and varied toolkit to unlock deeper thinking. He has a passion for adding value, helping you to make an impact and achieving bigger and better goals. I leave every discussion with him enriched and buzzing and clearer about my next steps.

Peter Hyman
Big Education