The Programme


Phil acts as a mentor to a select portfolio of businesses.

Mentorship is targeted at creative and knowledge economy firms of outstanding potential. As they grow, these organisations often discover that they face recognisable (and common) pinch points:

Senior team relationships and cohesion
Cash flow management
Consistency in sales performance
Getting the right people in the right roles
Aligning around positioning and purpose

Running a creative business is hard. You’re constantly confronted with your own insecurities, blind spots and fears. It often feels like no-one but you can resolve them. And imposter syndrome runs amok; you become used to doubting your own judgement.

But most people are capable of far more than they realise. I’ve designed this programme to help leaders tap into the skills and strength they possessed all along, and achieve liberating breakthroughs for themselves and their firms.


Working with Phil, you will:

Implement ideas that will transform your commercial and creative performance
Solve the wicked problems hindering progress
Radically improve your proposition and brand positioning
Find new methods of inspiring and engaging others in your business
Be challenged in new and uncomfortable ways
Work hard, and work fast
Benefit from significant professional growth


Without exception, Phil’s mentees achieve outstanding commercial results, with big breakthroughs in revenue performance and profitability following far-reaching structural, operational and cultural change.

What clients say

Recent successes include:

  • 21% average year-on-year revenue growth across all mentoring clients
  • A 13% improvement in margin in 5 months
  • Seven-figure equity investment round successfully closed
  • Discharge of six-figure Directors loans and liabilities
  • Staff satisfaction (NPS) improving from 4 to 9 in 6 months

Is this you?

Typically, candidate organisations for mentorship 
will be:

  • Knowledge economy businesses
  • Founder-led
  • Generating >£1m of annual revenue
  • Unique in the marketplace – or have the potential to be
  • Capable of achieving high growth (>20%+ year on year)
  • Willing to change how they work to enhance both creative and commercial impact

Applications for mentorship are mostly by recommendation, but approaches are welcomed from businesses that meet the above criteria.


Working together

Stage 1: Fact-finding and plan development

Programmes start with a data review followed by an intensive day-long working session.

This results in a development roadmap and supporting rationale for the next 6-12 months, delivering clear strategic priorities via a practical and realistic plan that outlines key actions, owners and timescales.

This initial phase of work is effectively a trial period to ensure alignment on values and working styles. After that, relationships move into a monthly mentoring cycle lasting not less than 12 months.

Stage 2: Monthly mentorship cycle

In general mentorship comprises:

  • A formal meeting of around 3 hours each month to review progress and make key business decisions
  • Ongoing, ad-hoc support for the senior team over the phone or Skype at any time when needs arise
  • Proactive introductions to potential partners, suppliers and (where appropriate) clients from Corporate Punk’s extensive network
  • A quarterly review of progress.

Mentorship is limited to a maximum of five businesses at any one time.


For information about the 2019 intake, please contact us.