The Packages

Phil operates in the growing space where the creative and consulting industries overlap, exploring how companies need to evolve in order to meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving, interconnected world.

This unique experience equips him to help knowledge economy firms answer specific questions that drive significant competitive advantage.

I know from brutal personal experience that growing a creative or consulting business is a challenge. The market is crowded, chaotic and cynical.

I’ve designed my advisory packages for firms seeking high-impact, rapid interventions to help them develop new services, sell more, and drive growth in line with shareholder needs.


Recent successes include:

  • A strategy that drove 40% year-on-year revenue growth
  • The biggest pitch win of an agency’s history
  • A consulting firm’s pitch win ratio improved from 1:4 to 1:2
  • A new proposition achieving £500k+ revenue in its first year
  • An innovation award for best new venture

Growth strategy

Growth can kill. Many knowledge economy firms struggle to identify which levers to pull in order to drive it – or simply don’t think clearly enough about how to harness their existing strengths. This can lead to huge amounts of wasted time and money, compromised morale, and decreased momentum.

The questions are often complex. Do we focus on organic growth or new customer acquisition? Do we diversify our target market or service offering – or both? Do we build new capabilities or double-down on our existing ones?

Phil works with firms to design fast-acting growth strategies that enhance market impact, while avoiding the hidden pitfalls of poor design and implementation.


A simple, practical, robust plan for growth.

Working with Phil, you will:

  • Build internal consensus around your growth targets
  • Identify hidden market needs, challenges and opportunities
  • Define the ‘vital few’ objectives, strategies and tactics that will deliver growth efficiently
  • Integrate your planning across sales, marketing, operations, cash and talent
  • Implement clear risk management protocols
  • Set clear benchmarks and targets to drive success

Working with Phil, you will:

  • Identify hidden client wants and needs
  • Receive new insights into organisational buying psychology
  • Develop a range of innovative product and service ideas
  • Check client demand before significant investment decisions are made
  • Build business and investment cases
  • Identify the implications of innovation for organisational development, and plan accordingly
  • Build a robust sales and marketing strategy to drive demand and convert it into revenue.

Product and service development

Getting your business to build and launch new products and services can be a daunting task for any firm. What if clients don’t want them? What if our people can’t deliver? What if they don’t make money?

On top of that, knowledge economy firms face additional challenges. How do we keep ahead of what clients want without losing them in the process? How do we productise our offer to drive differentiation? How do we monetise the value we create, and avoid a price-driven race-to-the-bottom?

Building on his career-long experience creating market-leading value propositions, Phil works with firms to develop innovative ideas that drive significant enterprise value.


Innovative new product and service ideas that get off the drawing board and into market quickly and profitably.

Pitch playbooks

The brutal truth is that many firms don’t pitch well. Even the best growth strategies and service offerings are worth nothing if your team can’t drive demand and convert it into revenue. And poor performance is almost expected: received wisdom has it that even competent firms can expect to lose about two pitches in three.

The problem? Many knowledge economy businesses fail to understand that pitching is a process that can be continually interrogated and improved. Instead, they believe that a combination of creative chaos and presentational pizzazz will deliver the goods. This is a mistake.

Phil works with companies to help them radically improve their approach to pitch management – and drive significant improvement in conversion ratios.


A pitch playbook that is unique to your firm, and drives consistent performance and continuous improvement in pitching.

Working with Phil, you will:

  • Start to conceive of pitching as a process
  • Consider all elements of the pitch: from initial contact to post-pitch follow-up
  • Identify the underlying drivers of success and failure in your current approach
  • Define how the uniqueness of your proposition is best communicated
  • Document the pitch process, and implement a test and learn
  • Improve capabilities by way of intensive work on live pitches

Working together

Advisory services are available as individual packages of work that typically take 1-3 months to deliver.

Strategy means nothing if it gets buried on a file server or gathers dusk in a drawer. Your work with Phil will result in practical, realistic outputs. You will be able to implement them immediately to drive rapid commercial returns.

Following successful completion of an advisory package, depending on need Phil may recommend that the firm joins his mentorship programme, or takes advantage of another advisory package.

For more information, please contact us.